VyRT Project BY @madexinxheavenx

“Hi there brothers and sisters. Since I like to be creative, I’m making a small book about VyRT and what people think of it. Basically, what you can do is send me a short paragraph or sentence to say “What you enjoy most of VyRT?” or “Why you like to VyRT with the boys?” or even share your experiences or memories. Or even send me anything you want to say about VyRT. VyRT is very important and heartwarming to all of us, and I just want to have memories of my wonderful family :) Any questions you have will be Answered, thanks in advance… :) Xo SEND TO Email: hurricane_bunny@hotmail.co .uk Subject: VyRT Meaning. *PLEASE ADD YOUR NAME, COUNTRY AND TWITTER (IF YOU HAVE IT, AND I WILL FOLLOW YOU ALSO) * Love you K+Q’s”

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Credit: @madexinxheavenx