@tomofromearth Birthday Project by @Becaferre & @30STM_fanatic

@Becaferre & @30STM_fanatic  had the idea to make a collage for Tomo’s bday on September 3rd. All you have to do is take a picture of yourself holding a piece of paper with the message “Happy Birthday Tomo” in your own language on it. Simple right? If you don’t want to be shown in the photo that’s totally fine, you can just take a picture of the message. All photos should be sent to promotechelon@yahoo.com & don’t forget to include your name + country. This is a last minute project so you better hurry up! ;) DEADLINE: September 2nd. If you have any questions please contact @30STM_fanatic on twitter.

More Info Here

Credit:  @Becaferre & @30STM_fanatic