As the unforgettable THIS IS WAR era ended, we created this small project to celebrate with The Echelon. This is War Poster and Wallpaper features 3155 fans from all around the world.

94 Countries Involved:

Argentina. Albania. Algeria. Australia. Austria. Azerbaijan. Bahrain. Bangladesh. Belarus. Belgium. Bolivia. Bosnia. Botswana. Brazil. Bulgaria. Canada. Channel Islands. Chile. Colombia. Costa Rica. Croatia. Czech Republic. Denmark. Ecuador. Egypt. El Salvador. England. Estonia. Finland. France. Georgia. Germany. Greece. Guatemala. Honduras. Hong Kong. Hungary. India. Indonesia. Iran. Iraq. Ireland. Israel. Italy. Japan. Jordan. Kazakhstan. Kenya. Kyrgyzstan. Latvia. Lebanon. Lithuania. Luxembourg. Macedonia. Malaysia. Malta. Mexico. Moldova. Morocco. New Zealand. Northern Ireland. Norway. Nothern Ireland. Pakistan. Paraguay. Peru. Philippines. Poland. Portugal. Puerto Rico. Qatar. Romania. Russia. Saudi Arabia. Scotland. Serbia. Singapore. Slovakia. Slovenia. South Africa. Spain. Sweden. Switzerland. Syria. Taiwan. Thailand. The Netherlands. Tunisia. Turkey. Ukraine. United Arab Emirates. United States of America. Uruguay. Venezuela. Wales.

Design wise it’s quite simple (based on TIW Deluxe Edition covers). Though, we hope you like it!

Once again, we want to thank you everyone who has participated on this project. We couldn’t make it without you. Enjoy the final piece!

Note: Once MARS comes back from their break, a copy of this project will be given to them (as always).