The Echelon Tribute Video by JayAre Quezada

The Echelon Tribute video is not just an appreciation to 30 seconds to mars, its to show one of the great family that  has ever come to light… the echelon. This video will show appreciation for the band, but will also show the creativity of the Echelon and how far they go to support the band. To make this video a reality the first thing we will need is:

“Presented by”: The start of the video will be saying ‘A Carpe Diem Productions and Ambivalent Presents’ than fades to black. now comes in the ‘Faces of mars’ segment.
* “Face Of Mars”: I was hoping to do a segment for the beginning of the video where the faces of mars will take place. It will first go slow through skimming through the faces of mars pics. Than soon would increase speed, eventually leading up to the next segment.
“Title”: Than the title will slowly fade in with it saying ‘Echelon Tribute Video’ than fading out to the first video.
* “Video 1″: “What being part of the echelon means” An echelon who submits a video should tells us what its like to be part of the echelon family. How greatly the echelon are to each other, and why they are a family. Than fades to next segment.
* “Triads”: On this part we will go through many triads provided by echelon. Whether its made, or them showing off their own triads.
* “Video 2: “What impact has 30 seconds to mars had on your life?” Another echelon will do a video telling us what impact the band has had on their lives and why the music is very important to them.
* “Fan Appreciation”: this part will have the echelon showing their mars related merchandise or necklaces or anything that shows their appreciation towards the band, also Mars Tattoos as well.
* “Video 3″: how special is it when mars does “VyRT For The echelon?” in this part they will tell us what VyRT pretty much is, and why its great the band does it just for the echelon.
* “VyRT And Art”: Pictures of VyRT Promotions will be used by permission from the owner, and would also like to get some Fan Art for this segment as well
* “Video 4″:“Whats it like to see the band live?” An echelon in this video should be telling us what its like to see the band live. The emotions they feel, and how its unlike any other concerts they have been too.

* “Concert Photos”: Concert photos will be accepted from any time period for when the band has toured. Hoping to get them sent in with dates and locations of when the concert occurred. Will be going from the start dates to the latest.

* “Video 5″: Which song pretty much sums up who you are, and how long will you support the band for future albums and beyond?” an echelon talking about a song that means a lot to them and helps themselves believe more in their own dreams, and why their love for the band may never die for future album and beyond that.

“Credits”: For any support on the project i will list those who supported the page. than have echelon spitted up in different regions when their names are being listed such as ‘Brazil Echelon’ with names of echelon from that country who participated.
This pretty much sums up what i want in the project. it’s becoming something i really find close to my heart, since i am too an echelon. For more information on what to send or suggestions please contact JayAre (me) at my email:
Thank you for reading about the project, and hope you participate it or help support it!
Parts with the * symbol means more submissions are needed for that segment.
Forever ad always,
JayAre Quezada