The Echelon Mood Board – Project by @TSTMarsArmy

The MarsArmy is collecting YOUR own words to put together in a wallpaper [digital + printable] inspired on the MARS mood board at The LAB!
Here’s how it will work:


  1. Think of ONE word only that remind you of MARS, the Echelon; it can be something they taught you, how they make you feel, how they changed you, the difference they made in your life;
  2. After picking the word, write it down on a white paper sheet using a black sharpie. Write it as legible and clean as possible.
  3. The paper sheet must be A4 (11.7 x 8.3 inches)
  4. Take a photo of the paper sheet, making sure it takes up the whole frame of the image. Also make sure the photo is clear, focused and not blurry. [Place the paper sheet horizontally on a desk for example, we don't want a photo of you holding it]
  5. Send it to us using our Contact Form, by selecting the option “Projects” and uploading your file. [The image can have any size, just please pay attention to the quality of it, we need it readable and focused]

More Info HERE

Credit: Mars Army