MARSXProject By @ACall2Arms

“Its been 10 Years since the release of the Self Titled Album.

From August 27th 2002 until now, 30 Seconds to Mars have enriched the lives of so many people around the world through their music and the short films.

They have created this epic, amazing, talented family we all know as The Echelon. The MARSXProject is a celebration of the adventures Mars have taken us on over the last 10 years.

Its about the experiences we have shared with the Echelon and 30 Seconds to Mars in the form of twin items:The MARSXBook & The MARSXFilmHow will you participate??
Each week we will be posting “Missions”. There could be 2 missions or up to 8 missions lasting a period of 2 weeks for your submissions via the online forms below. So make sure you check into the Official MARSXproject page here on , keep watching @ACall2Arms on twitter and our Facebook Page for the updates and the new missions weekly!!”This Is A Call To Arms…. Gather soldiers its time to create the MARSXProject!

To participate in this project please go to and follow @ACall2Arms