Morgantown, WV, USA – April 26, 2011
By Carrie Dudley

I attended the Morgantown, WV show on April 26, 2011 at the WVU Coliseum. It was my very first time seeing 30 Seconds To Mars live. I had been hoping to see them live for roughly 8 years, and when I was informed of the show, I knew it was something I could not miss. I aodre their debut album, but the 2005 release of “A Beautiful Lie” solidified my admiration of their music. Every song on that album was so unbelievably intense. Emotionally, musically, and instrumentally. The precision of each and every chord, beat, and vocal note made me proud to be a fan of musicians who take pride in what they do. With the release of “This Is War”, I was once again in awe of this group of musicians. The messages they convey are ones of empowerment, beauty, understanding, and acceptance. Nowadays, too many musicians seem to forget just what they can accomplish with the words they write. 30 Seconds To Mars has never faltered in getting their messages out there, and into the peoples hearts.

For this April 26th show, I only had to travel about 30 miles to see them, but after seeing them perform, I would gladly travel the world to be part of that experience again. I was lucky enough to have secured front row for this, and I was ecstatic!!! The opening acts were wonderful, but you could feel the anticipation from the crowd. They wanted 30 Seconds To Mars. Then it started. The lights went down, the crowd went wild, and they appeared. It was almost surreal seeing them not 30 feet from you. These men you have admired musically for so long, were getting ready to unleash their message and music upon you. I must admit, my breath caught, and my eyes teared up.

While the entire performance was magical, I would have to say my favorite song of the night was the acoustic version of “Alibi.” I am partial to acoustic versions due to the raw talent that comes through. Plus, this song is very personal for me. When I listen to it, I feel that it is a song about loss and perseverance. How sometimes, losing something, whether it be a friend, a lover, a family member, can make you feel as though the world is over, that you’ve hit rock bottom. But it is also about picking yourself up, looking to the future, and knowing that even though the road ahead may repeatedly knock you down, you are strong enough to get back up and fight for yourself. Fight for everything you hold near and dear to your heart. Fight for those in your life who may need a shoulder. Fight for the stranger, because you’ve been where they are. Fight for the world, because you are a part of it and we are all human. It’s personal for me, because of all of those things. I’ve had the low times, but I fight. I’ve seen my family members and friends hurt, but I help them stand back up and fight. I see the world and the sorrow of others, so I fight for them. It’s hard, but I see the hope. So when I fall apart, I get back up again. It’s all I know how to do.

My favorite aspect of the show was the appreciation these men have for their fans. We were a small show, but they made us feel so loved. They included us in every aspect. The show was small, so they had everyone there come to the floor area. They truly made it feel like a family. I’ve never experienced that before at a concert. It was refreshing to feel that. They allowed fans to come and be on stage with them. They allowed us to sing with them. They allowed us to be part of 30 Seconds To Mars. That is so rare in music nowadays. I feel forever blessed to have had the chance to see and experience that.

What I loved most, what was most memorable to me, was the fact that, in a crowd of many, I felt as though we were all one. When they released the confetti and it had the messages, it was a perfect moment in time. Those messages held meaning and truth. When I sang along from the crowd, I felt like I was on stage performing. When it was just Jared and his guitar, I felt as though I was the only one in the crowd, and I was witnessing something secret. The entire show was what was most memorable to me, because it was a show like none other. The fact is, these are musicians who love their music, and appreciate their fans wholeheartedly. They have created not just fans, but an extended family. On one of the pieces of confetti dropped it said, “Yes, This is a Cult”… Well I can happily say, it is one I am proud to be a part of!

To the men of 30 Seconds to Mars I say this… Thank you for sharing. You will forever have a friend in me.

Credit: Thirty Seconds to Mars