#ECHELON Tour Review: Manila, Philippines

Manila, Philippines — July 29, 2011
By Kat Baleva

I have been a fan of the band since 2005 and when I heard they were coming to Manila I knew I had to go. I was such a happy bunny when I finally got my ticket. I skipped my last class to make sure I got to the venue on time. All day long there had been dark clouds looming overhead and about an hour or so before the show starts the rain began to pour down on us. I saw umbrellas being opened and raincoats being put on, but I didn’t see anyone leaving.

When Kjwan, the opening band, finally showed up the crowd just went crazy. People were singing along to the songs and pumping their fists in the air. When they finished their set everyone was excited knowing that Jared, Shannon and Tomo were going to come out onstage in just a matter of minutes. When Shannon and Tomo came out everyone just lost it, however it was a whole different crazy when we heard Jared singing the opening lines to “Escape”.

I love listening “Closer to the Edge” and watching its video but hearing it live gave it so much more depth and meaning. I feel it’s that one song that really brings the Echelon together. From the online videos of their live performances, I always liked seeing the big balloons and the confetti shower in the crowd. The balloons are just something that give you an idea that it’s going to be a fun concert and the messages on the confetti just brings a smile to your face. I loved the fact that I got to experience that at the show.

For me, the most memorable moment of the show was when Jared came out to the catwalk. The rain calmed down a bit but it was still drizzling yet that didn’t stop him from playing half the show under the open sky. It warmed my heart because it shows how much he loves the Echelon.

Thirty Seconds to Mars is one of those rare bands who you know cares more about the music than the fame and money it brings. They really care about the Echelon, seeing them live made me believe that they really consider us as a part of their family. They bring inspiration wherever they go but most importantly, they remind us that anything is possible as long as we believe in ourselves.

Thank you so very much to Thirty Seconds to Mars and the Mars crew for coming to Manila and making our dreams come true. It was a memorable night and we wish you all the best.

Much love,

Source: Thirty Seconds to Mars