Project Medishare – Haiti

“In June 2010, after treating more than 30,000 earthquake victims, Project Medishare moved out of the tent hospital and into a non-profit community hospital, Hospital Bernard Mevs, which was only partially functional due to the post-quake conditions. Project Medishare brought in all of the high-tech equipment used at the field hospital, upgraded the hospital to include intensive care units for adults, children and premature babies, and turned Hospital Bernard Mevs into the only trauma and critical care hospital in Haiti. To put that into perspective, there is one critical care hospital for a population of 10 million people and Hospital Bernard Mevs Project Medishare is that place. While most aid organizations have pulled out of Haiti now that the immediate earthquake crisis has subsided, Project Medishare remains committed to helping Haitians rebuild their country and healthcare system. Project Medishare was helping Haiti long before the earthquake, and will be there for many years to come, ensuring a better future for Haiti.”