Project idea:

“I want to collect as many pictures as possible of Echelon, their lives on Mars and put them together to a giant mosaic, which will show Jared, Shannon and Tomo. I am not sure yet, which picture I will take. I think about a picture from Mars 300, because it was a very special show. So there will not only be your photos put together to a poster. All in all it will make a new picture. It’s a big big project and I will need thousands of photos to make it. It will be hard to edit all the photos and will take a lot time. But you know, we all don’t know how long the break will be and I’ll be ready to give them the poster at their next tour. I will go to a Meet and Greet to make sure, they will get the poster.

Here’s what I need from you:
Send as many pictures as possible! You can send anything, that deals with 30 Seconds To Mars and The Echelon. Any picture that reminds you of the great time you had with Mars and the Echelon.
Here are a few examples:
– you
– tour
– Echelon meetings
– Mars merchandise
– tattoos
– artwork
– tickets
– …
If you can make it, please cut the pictures to a size of 100*100 pixels.
Please make sure you have the rights to use the pictures and to send them! I will not use pictures taken by the band or photo shoots (except you are the photographer).
Send them to
Please include your country to the mail.
At the moment there is no deadline, I will inform you later about it, probably in October/November.

The pictures will only be used for this project. I will not give them to anyone else. When it’s finished it will be published on Twitter, Facebook and other pages and then given to the band.

For any questions, mail to or tweet to @Simplyme6277

Credit: @Simplyme6277