Mars Experience by Melina

‘thirty seconds to mars. they dragged me out of my miserable way of living and turned me into a whole new person. honestly, i don’t know where i would be if it wasn’t them. whenever i’m down, these 3 men can always make me smile and believe that everything is going to be okay, no matter how hard life may be. whenever i needed support, they gave me. whenever i was in trouble, and life seemed not continuable, they gave me new spirit. i attended the hamburg-concert, 23rd august 2011. it was the first time i saw MARS live. half a year before i became echelon and after a month i knew nearly everything about them. my favorite song is “closer to the edge”, because this song changed my life. i know many people out there say that. i think nearly a few really changed! i can’t explain how much they did and still do in my life. nearly 17.000 members of my family at the same place. it was a night that i had never expected and a night that washed all our problems away, if just for a while. it was like a surreal dream, too good to be true. to listen to these songs, sing along with all those brothers and sisters, was one of the most sentimental moments of my entire life. finally, it was an incredible “journey” to keep up with MARS – to live MARS. and there are two words which need to be said: THANK YOU!
really, we have to thank you. you changed so many lives, you wouldn’t believe it! and i speak for every echelon: you’re an incredible, very unique and special band, and taught us that we can reach everything if we believe and we have to be just ourselves to be a part of a community and a circle that no one imagined. thank you for sharing your journey, for sharing your experiences, thank you for existing. you changed everything in my life.’

– melina, 15, germany


‘This has taken me about a year to do but now I feel the need to get it done.I am a 42 yr old female and it was thanks to my 21yr old son that I become obsessed like so many others, The Mars phenominom and This is war has changed many lives and in all honesty I don’t think the members of the band really realize just the kind or the extent that they have impacted many of our lives. As for me thinking it was just another bad, on their way after being almost ignored for so many years where finally coming into their own and getting the publicity and fame they deserved after so long and such hard work. Of course most people know lead man Jared Leto as an actor from such movies as Lord of War and require for a Dream, so to see him on stage and using his vocals that are amazing has supprised a lot of people. Adding to that are his drop dead bedroom eyes and his people person skills, makes you stop and listen when he speaks or sings.

From the bands start they have gone almost unrecagnized since 1998. For fans who stuck by and with them from the start knows it has been a lot of hard work and struggles for these guys not only have they taken their time coming up with a new album but also faced a 30 million dollar law suit, but did this bring them down? No, this has giving them the inspiration and the ability to come out with what some people are calling one of the best albums they have heard. The strong lyrics are only part of what you can experience, there are also the other members of the band that are just as amazing as Jared. Shannon Leto Jared’s brother is said to be a god when it comes to the drums and when he plays all fans/family watch and listen, Then we have Tomo Milicevic on lead guitar amazes his fans with his playing and being wild and crazy right beside lead singer Jared.

These guys are nothing short of amazing and talented. I did get the chance to see them in concert for myself and was just as pleased and excited as everyone else that was there. The small and intimate show in Toronto was nothing short of amazing” the music just sucks you in and you forget everything” other than the music. Jared interacts constantly with the fans making each of us feel special and appreciated. There is so much to say about this band it’s hard to find all the right words. When you leave the concert you do feel like you belong to the family, which are known as the Echelon and in reality if you tweet or are on face book you know how this family works.

Everyone is there for everyone even though you are literally on opposite sides of the world. It’s like having relatives that you haven’t seen in some time but if you need to talk someone is always available to chat.

As well the guys have become very well known for their live stream chats and interviews that involve their fans the Echelon, now how can a band like this possible do more for their fans well just short of inviting them over for dinner. I don’t think there is much more they can do. They have had fans from all over the worlds faces put on the album cover and that has brought fans together as well. Each one looking for his or her photo and finding it half way across the world as well as having them in videos and record them doing backup vocals for their music.

For the end I just want to thank the guys for such a great experience, and a great big thank you. I am sure as many feel the same way the music and words has affect each of our lives and we will stand by you guys even in times of need. The real and true Echelon will follow you till the end. Congrats guys you are finally getting what you deserve’

Thunder Bay, Ontario


My first concert of 30 seconds to mars was last decembre. i was so excited, i couldn’t believe that i will see these wonderful guys! i waited just (on this time it was horrible to wait so long) 1 week for the tickets but every day i looked if they are at home and when i became it i realised it’s true i will listen the band the first time live!
i was at the concert and first there was another band i was there and told my friends the whole time: “i don’t want to see this fucking band, i want to see 30 seconds to mars!!!!!” but than i heard the first song  Escape and i began i to smile, one of my friends began a bit to cry it was soo cute!
unfortunatly i was far away from the stage, but this feeling, the people that was unbelievable! i couldn’t belive it jared told us: “jump” and the people jumped! it was wonderful! :)

I’ve done some transmission but one i really loved to do was for shannon’s b-day. i worked for his b-day some evenings long, i made posters and we made a video in switzerland at a lake, but the weather was not very well, it gaves a heavy wind and two of my posters flew in the lake, i was sad :( just this poster with we love you shannon was not in the lake, haha.

I becan with since i was on my first concert and i must say i don’t regret it, i speak every day with wonderful echelons, i read tomo’s funny tweets, by shannon were the band is in the moment and by jared what he makes, it’s wonderful to read these things i like it, that show me that the mars guys are not just superstars they’re like we “normal people”, who make mistakes and sometimes say things which are not so good but the most of the time very funny! i still hope every day that tomo, shannon or jared answer some of my question or tweets, but i think that is just a dream of me and of soooo many echelons…

When i saw my first live stream chat, mars was 10 minutes to late, i was in front of my laptop and i waited and i was nerveuse i don’t know why but it was and it began and it was wonderful to hear the guys and funny. i think the problem by such chats are that the stars work very hard and than they have to smile in the camera and i think it’s very difficult, i don’t know how mars do that, but i laughed when i saw these wonderful guys!

30 seconds to mars chanched modified my life, when i have to choose a life without 30 seconds to mars and the echelon family i would say: “NOOOOO!! I LOVE THIS LIFE AND I LOVE MY SECOND FAMILY!”
I hope the mars guys enjoy it to go on tour and i hope it gives VERY SOON a new album! :)

Thank you for taking the time to read this lines!

Fabienne Luetolf