#Artifact is the most buzz-worthy film at #TIFF12 according to @MediaMiser

he Toronto International Film Festival began today, as everyone from film buffs to Hollywood big shots to independent film-makers descended on downtown Toronto.

289 feature films and 83 shorts will screen over the next 11 days. The biggest buzz, of course, always surrounds films with name-brand actors. That being said, there’s always room for a relative unknown or a documentary to make a big splash.

If Twitter is to be believed, documentaries are certainly holding their own with the household names. According to an analysis of TIFF-related tweets, three of top four most mentioned films are documentaries.

Jared Leto’s music documentary, Artifact, has been easily the most discussed film so far. It nabbed a 34 per cent share of voice among the top ten films.

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Source: Media Miser